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The must-have podcast companion for any family road trip, school run, or errand-filled day.

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Every Ride Should Be A Page-Turner

Our mission? Keeping kids engaged, entertained, and educated – all without resorting to screens or escalating sibling rivalries.

Bringing the magic of children's books directly into the family car, with audiobook readings that transform travel time into tale time.

We've found the secret to peaceful, enriching journeys – and now we're opening the doors for authors like you to be part of it.

Bring Your Story To Eager Young Ears On Car Life With Kids


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  • Record your book (we'll show you how)
  • Share your links & info with us
  • Watch your email for a promo graphic
  • Share your episode far and wide when it's released!

Why Do a Podcast Promo?

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Reach a New Audience

Your books will be in the ears of thousands of families across the globe, boosting your audience and creating new fans.

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Enrich Young Lives

By sharing your story, you'll not only entertain but also spark imaginations, nurture literacy skills, and ignite a love for reading in children.

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Promote Your Work

You’ll have the opportunity to introduce your book, share a little about yourself, and let listeners know where they can find more of your work.

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Connect with Busy Families

Our audience is made up of busy families who value quality children's literature but may not always have the time for traditional reading. For a one time payment, your story will hit the road, entertaining kids across the globe, and ensuring peaceful journeys for parents for years to come.

A small investment for a big impact – let your stories ride along with families, leaving lasting memories and new young fans.

Join the "Car Life with Kids" journey today – because every car ride should be a page-turner.


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Full Instructions of How to Send the Audio Are Included!

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